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Psychedelics of Money Immersion


When it comes to our relationship with money, many of us hold powerful unconscious mental programs that keep us stuck in a perpetual state of scarcity. Few voices have identified psychedelics as catalysts for transforming our relationship with money. Psychedelics can help us deprogram belief systems related to money and scarcity, while also providing a metaphysical understanding of what money truly is, and how to manifest it. The word psychedelic literally translates to "mind manifesting". By seeing money as a product of the mind, we can begin to understand our energy patterns and shift ourselves towards greater abundance.

This day-long workshop is a deep dive into the psychedelics of money. We will first focus on how to heal our internal trauma around money. Through healing our trauma around money, we have the power to claim our sovereignty and to operate free of the limitations of the scarcity mindset. With this power, the possibilities are unlimited in terms of what we can create. I believe most people would participate in a collective dream for a better world, if they knew that they could have it all. And you can!

We will also visit the ancient teachings of alchemy to learn how to truly receive, and how the masculine energy of striving and creating must be balanced with the more open, feminine energy of allowing and receiving. We will get intimate with our own intuitive abilities, so we can allow universal abundance to flow through us.

Psychedelics are the portal to expanding your mind, and innovation and creativity are the new global currency! We will discuss how to use psychedelics to harness your creativity to create a life that is in your highest alignment. We will also discuss the global financial climate at large with emerging trends like cryptocurrency from this newfound understanding of the true nature of money. Altered states of consciousness are a valuable tool in accessing the most innovation, creativity, and in solving the worlds complex problems.

Join me to expand your money consciousness on Sunday, December 10th in Topanga, CA for the Psychedelics of Money Immersion! You will take home some profound practices that will leave you empowered to create radical wealth in all areas of your life.

Cost: $333

Bring with you:

blanket, notebook, pen.

We will be providing:

Snacks, spring water, lunch


10am Orientation

11am Setting ceremonial space

12pm Digging deeper for your highest intentions

1pm Lunch and learn on cryptocurrency

2pm Money Shadow intuitive readings

3pm Prayer flags

4pm Dance your prayers

5pm Closing cocoa ceremony

*Disclaimer: psychedelic medicines will not be offered at this event. Please do not bring psychedelic medicines with you, this event is purely for educational purposes only.


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