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Mboumba Eyano Iboga Initiation

  • Chirripo Mountains Costa Rica (map)

We are arranging our 4th group to Costa Rica on June 2nd to 6th. This is going to include 2 ceremonies with the holy wood, sweatlodge, special floral bath spiritual purification process, as well as blessing and healing in the Bwiti Mboumba Eyano tradition. All attendees will receive pre and post integration sessions to help integrate the experience.

Retreat programme

The programme consists of 5 days and 5 nights.
The first day is dedicated to arrival and orientation. The second and third day will be dedicated to purification using different techniques to prepare the mind and body for the spiritual journey, including sweating ceremonies and floral baths in the river.
Firstly, we will have a presentation on the ‘Bwiti tradition and Iboga’. During these 2 preparation days, the Nima will do a one-to-one consultation with each participant to understand their aspirations and/or problems. 

On the third night we will enter into ceremony with the Holy Wood. Through the night we will travel, accompanied by the Sacred Harp, until the next morning. During this second day, Banzi’s (participants/initiates) will travel with the Plant, accompanied by live music, and the sounds of the forest. 

The fourth day the programme is not fixed because it will depend on the group and their progressive return to the physical plane. Individual meetings will be planned in for each person so they can have an interpretation of their journey by the Nima. Some may eat the Wood again, some may not, but the ceremony and the journey will continue for a second night, albeit at a less intense pace than the first. This second ceremony is of rebirth and joy, to give thanks for life! 

The last day and night will be dedicated to rest, according to each person’s needs. Depar- ture will be after breakfast the following morning.

Dates, costs and location

Retreats will run from midday on arrival day, through to 9am on the final morning. 

All attendees will receive preparation advice, and will be required to fill out a questionaire and make a deposit payment of $1500 in order to secure a place. Fulll payment is due on week upon arrival in Costa Rica. 

The cost for the trip is $4,500 (which includes everything (lodging, food, transfers and all aspects of ceremony) except airfare, which is $500- $600 average. 

*Please inquire about availability of discount scholarships for those that are in need and early bird discount. 

The retreat is not suitable for anyone with a serious medical or psychological condition or active/recent ad- diction. You will be required to complete a detailed ap- plication form in advance and if needed, a personal in- terview via Skype with Ben, prior to being accepted on the retreat. Ben is a long-standing initiate of Missoko and Fang/Dissumba Bwiti and has led ceremonies for many years. The interview is also an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the retreat and the taking of the Holy Wood. 

Contact details and bookings: Tricia Eastman ( is our point of contact for those coming from the US.


An incredible retreat center in Chirripo Mountains (near San Isidro) that will be hosting us. They will be preparing us the most healthy, organic detox foods during our stay. They offer massage, cocoa tours, hikes to minerals spings for those that want to add on to their experience. There is a deluxe suite upgrade options, also.

The Bwiti Tradition in Gabon

The Bwiti tradition came out of Ancient Egypt. It’s a branch of the Primordial tradition, the universal understanding from which emerged all the spiritual traditions of humanity. The Bwiti tradition is made up of a group of ancestral mystico-spiritual initiatory rites using the root of the sacred Iboga tree. It allows initiates to enter into other fields of consciousness and the spirit to travel to the sounds of musical instruments and sacred chants. 

The Mboumba Eyano branch is part of the ‘Dissoumba’ stream, also called ‘the Mother branch’. It’s a mystical initiation par excellence. We understand by the term ‘mystical’ the personal and direct relationship with the Divine: the knowledge of SELF.
The primary aim is to help us to know ourselves, to know what is really our primary essence, to know the Divine within each of us. The secondary aim is to heal spiritual and physical illnesses, to help the person with any difficulties such as blockages in life, problems conceiving, work-related issues.

Here is a link to 2 of my iboga experiences that were published... liberated-from-the-subconscious-patterns-that-entrap-us/

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