Psychedelic Journeys

This experience will be held in the ceremonial context of the Missoko branch of the Bwiti tradition. The primary aim of this tradition is to help us to know ourselves, to know our primary essence, and to remember the Divine within each of us. The secondary aim is to heal illnesses of the mind and body, which block us from living our true essence.

The traditional use of Iboga was born in the forests of West Central Africa, and the experience is potentiated when practiced in places that match the natural surroundings from which Iboga comes from, such as the tropical jungles of Costa Rica. Over the course of the week, we will live the "Pura Vida," purifying our inner world in natural surroundings that speak to the spirit of this medicine.

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retreat Program

  • 2 overnight ceremonies with the Iboga holy wood, “the tree of life”

  • Spiritual cleansing bath and purification rituals

  • 1:1 Preparation/Integration guidance

  • Lodging in tropical eco-friendly retreat center

  • Farm to table gourmet meals (dietary accommodations possible)

  • Transportation to/from airport to retreat center

All attendees will receive individual preparation sessions to help them set intentions and prepare for the experience. We will hold a ceremonial space throughout the experience, with 1:1 preparation/integration as well as group integration circles. A doctor will be on-site at all times during this retreat. Post-retreat integration calls will be scheduled to help participants assimilate the experience.

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dates, Cost & Logistics

The base price is $3,750 - $3950; $3,750 if paid up front, and $3,950 if paid via split payments (deposit & remaining payment by Jan. 3rd). A deposit of $1,500 USD will secure your place and final payment is due 30 days upon arrival (January 3rd, 2019). Deposits are non-refundable 30 days before the retreat start date. 

If you prefer an deluxe room, you can upgrade your accommodations for $150 extra per night. Airfare and optional massages are not included in the base price. Participants must arrive by 3pm on February 3rd to the San Jose airport in Costa Rica. Our departure shuttle will leave at 3:30pm local time from the San Jose airport. Our departure shuttle on February 9th will leave at 11am, so please book your departure flight for at/after 3pm local time from the San Jose airport.

*This retreat is not suitable for those with serious medical/psychological conditions or those struggling with addiction. You must complete a detailed application in advance and a personal interview prior via phone/Skype prior to being accepted.

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About the Facilitators


Tricia Eastman

Tricia is a pioneer in the psychedelic renaissance with a mission to inspire others to become their own "inner alchemists." Her holistic approach incorporates eastern philosophy, tantra, bio-hacking, herbal medicine, mind body integration, archetypal mapping, meditation, somatic therapy, and shamanism. For over 15 years she has consulted for top-destination spa and retreat centers on novel treatments and best practices.

As an medicine woman operating internationally, she curates medicine retreats in countries where use is legal. She is an experienced ceremonial facilitator of 5-MeO-DMT, a powerful psychedelic medicine from the Sonoran Desert Toad. As an Iboga provider, Eastman has been initiated into the Mboumba Eyano tradition, trained in the Missoko tradition, and she has facilitated the psychospiritual Iboga program for Crossroads Treatment Center in Mexico.


Carré Sutton

Carré has been at the forefront of both challenging and changing cultural norms for over 3 decades. In her youth, a high profile career in the entertainment industry led her into drug addiction, self-harm, and an abusive marriage. Turning to spiritual practice and eventually indigenous plant medicines were integral to her healing process.

A practicing Buddhist for over 30 years, Carré integrates her experience with meditation and indigeonous wisdom traditions into the retreats she leads. Carré has been initiated into the Dissumba tradition of Bwiti in Gabon, West Africa. For the past decade she has trained, assisted and facilitated ceremonies focused on helping others journey into wellness. She offers this medicine with integrity, humility, grace, and gratitude for the masters and lineage she serves.