Shamanic Integration

Shamanic integration is a one-on-one coaching experience that is designed to optimize your creative process and leverage the patterns of nature to empower you to breakthroughs in your path of self-mastery.

Who is it for

 Entrepreneurs, CEO’s, visionaries, artists, storytellers, musicians, psychotherapists, health care providers, and leading-edge thinkers.

What do you get

Beyond psychedelic integration, this is a coaching experience process that leverages the distinct algorithms in all living things and scientific laws of nature. The structure starts with a 90 day strategy session and weekly phone, Skype, or in person sessions. Followed by email support and notes from our sessions, including self-optimization recommendations and exercises that potentiate your process. We look at your life holistically, including microdosing and next-level nueroshamanic tools to upgrade your life. Throughout the entire process, I hold a ceremonial space for your intentions.

Why is this different

  • You will learn the missing gap most all medicine, self-help, self-optimization, and even spiritual programs.
  • We dive deep to deconstruct the patterns of self-sabotage and addiction that prevent us from getting what we truly love.
  • Discover your magic buttons to turn off the mind chatter with daily practices for a integrated life.

Why it’s Important

  • Lasting work and transformation.
  • Ability to maintain the energy, lessons and magic of all of the transformation work that you do.
  • Supporting your system to handle higher vibration and maintain stability.
  •  Develop healthy rituals, diet, supplements and stay on track.
  •  Many people come out of peak experiences on a high, “I feel clear, connected and on path”.  Life starts to move very fast because you have the energy to take massive action toward your dreams and goals. As you move so fast, you lose sight of your rituals and daily healthy routines. You might even, burn out, dip, or go into a slump. This is when the old patterns and stuck beliefs start to come back and you find yourself repeating the lessons you thought you had broken through.
  • When you revisit the medicine, you are prepared to receive the download for your next step, the next big thing for you. But until you can get to the next big thing you have to deal with face, and change, digest, what’s right in front of you.

*I also specialize in support for those in training on the medicine path as facilitators.

For an initial in person one-on-one session or skype integration session send a inquiry to set up an appointment.

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