Past Retreats

Below is a list of some of our past retreats. For current retreats, please visit the navigation menu bar titled "Retreats"

Tulum Mayan Butterfly.jpg

Mayan butterfly retreat | tulum, MEXICO

Since the Mayans roamed these sacred lands, Tulum has been a destination for transformation; a place of real magic and beauty. We chose a specific location in Tulum, a breathtaking private beachfront property in the Sian Ka’an Biosphere region. This bohemian paradise will allow you to take in all the medicine that nature has to offer, while having the space to reflect and relax. 


The 'Holy Wood' Retreat | Nosara, Costa Rica

Embark on a journey within. In September 2018, we will work with Iboga in the ceremonial context of the Missoko branch of the Bwiti tradition. We will journey with the medicine over the course of two overnight ceremonies. Fire ceremonies and cleansing rituals will help us prepare for and integrate this powerfully purifying experience.

Costa 1.jpg

Iboga INITIATION | Chirripo, Costa Rica

We are grateful to present this initiation into the Mboumba Eyano branch of the Bwiti tradition, which is the more feminine branch of the Bwiti tradition. We will work with the Iboga medicine in a pristine rainforest environment on the slopes of a sacred mountain in Costa Rica. This ceremonial experience will be hosted by a Nima (an elder who initiates other providers) of the Bwiti tradition.